Centre for Healthworks, Development and Research Initiative


  1. NGOs/CBOs Networking on Population and Reproductive Health, NINPREH
  2. Civil Society Network on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, CISHAN
  3. Cross River State Forum for Development
  4. Coalition against Trafficking of Persons in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States CATIP.
  5. NGO Coalition for Environment, NGOCE
  6. Civil Society Coalitions of Cross River State
  7. The SHARE community, USA.
  8. Citizens Forum for Constitutional Reforms CFCR
  9. John Hopkins's Health Communication Membership Network
  10. Coalition of Eastern NGOs, CENGOs
  11. White Ribbon Alliance for Safe motherhood in Nigeria
  12. White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Global Secretariat, USA
  13. Centre for Democracy and Development, Lagos
  14. European Union Support to Reforming Institutions Programs (SRIP)
  15. Cross River State Planning Commission/UNDP
  16. Cross River State HIV/AIDS Program Development- World Bank Assisted
  17. Greater Involvement in Volunteers Efforts (GIVE) NIGERIA
  18. BBC World Service Trust(FLAVA)
  19. Women Global Networks on Reproductive Health and Rights, the Netherlands
  20. CRS Budget Transparency and Accountability Network, CRBTAN
  21. Integrity Club of BBC World Service Trust
  22. Nigerian Budget Monitoring Project
  23. ABGREMO for Development, Nigeria
  24. ABANTU for Development, Nigeria
  25. National Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation, NEWSAN
  26. The Partnership for maternal, Newborn and Child Health, WHO, Geneva
  27. The University of Witwatersrand School of Public Health, Johannesburg, South Africa
  28. Global Health Council, USA
  29. Division of Reproductive Health & Child Birth Defects and Developmental Disability, Center for Disease Control and Health Promotion, Atlanta, USA(Books & Research Resources)
  30. International Centre for Gender and Social Research(INTERGENDER), Jos
  31. Stop TB Global partnership, WHO office, Geneva
  32. Department of Making Pregnancy Safer and Reproductive Health, WHO
  33. Society for Family Health

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