Centre for Healthworks, Development and Research Initiative


To address women’s reproductive and sexual health problems, through safe motherhood Initiative, sexuality education, health sector reforms and youth friendly health services.

To help build the capacity of rural communities so that they can cope with the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB, and other communicable and new diseases through advocacy and social stigma-reduction, information sharing voluntary confidential testing, and home based care strategies.

To promote good environmental health practices and reduce the prevalence of water borne disease, TB, malaria and worm infestations among the rural populace, through education and medical laboratory services.

To promote community development, improve health outcome, gender equity, good governance and human rights through civil engagement in budget monitoring, civic education, advocacy and public policies analysis.

To advocate for the rights of women, physically challenged persons and children in decision-making, using the anti- trafficking laws, public education, CEDAW and other international instruments.

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